So, tonight it started snowing. It’s supposed to snow all night and all through tomorrow too, likely making this the largest snowfall Vancouver’s seen in 5 or 6 years. 20-30 cm expected.

So, this makes it Aidan’s first snowfall! We’ve taken him into the mountains last winter, so he at least has seen snow before, but not falling from the sky.

Coincidentally, Gwen bought him a snow suit last night. I say coincidentally because this snow wasn’t forecast last night. Anyway, we bundled him up and went out into the night for him to experience this strange phenomenon.

Aidan's First Snow Suit

Heading out into the first snow fall

Snow falling at 7th and Spruce

He watched the snow falling from the doorway initially, just staring at it. Once we got going and out walking, he seemed to thoroughly enjoy it, chatting on the whole walk down to Choklit Park, and back.

I took some video too, but it didn’t turn out. That explains the small number of photos too. Oh well. Hopefully we can get some video and better pictures tomorrow.