With the onset (onslaught?) of summertime temperatures, the door to our balcony has been open more often than not. Aidan loves going out there and playing in the water and sand table. He also likes greeting people. It’s not unusual for him to look at someone and then greet them with a “Hi!” or a “Hellooooo!”. He’s since added “Good Morning” to his repertoire, but the good doesn’t come out clearly, and it doesn’t matter if the sun is setting. Thus, the binner* pushing his cart down our lane this morning was met with:

Helloooo! Hi! Gooo morning! Morning! Hi!

And as is typical, Aidan is so disappointed when he doesn’t get anything back in return.
*Binners, for those not-big-city-dwellers, are people who typically push grocery carts around the city collecting recyclables. Often they find recyclables in garbage bins (dumpsters) and the like. Thus, ‘binners’.