I have posted on my other blog about trying to make some healthier choices and as far as I am concerned sushi is a big part of that lifestyle choice. Now I have decided that since Aidan also loves sushi (it is something he asks for several times a week) I would try to make it myself.

Something the websites don’t tell you it that making sushi is very time consuming. I am thinking that the next set that I make will be a big batch of rice so that I can maybe freeze some. I am not sure how that will work but I am willing to try. The first rolls that I made Aidan ate quickly but I didn’t think that they were photo worthy. The next set were and the pictures are below. I am keeoing to the vegetarian sushi and I can’t wait to try to make avocado rolls. The kappa maki and kappa maki with carrot shavings turned out well for my first try. I did have to wash my hands about a thousand times though, damn that sticky rice. :)


My lovely sushi. :)


Aidan trying to get “More Sushi.”

Aidan eating Mommy’s lovely sushi. Enjoy.

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