Tonight, for the first time since he’s been home after our vacation, Aidan let me put him to bed.

Since Gwen and Aidan arrived home last week, Aidan has been extremely cling. With Gwen.

In fact, all attempts by me to put him to bed were met (initially) with almost frantic screams: “No, Mommy! No, Mommy!!!” He would physically push me away and go into almost hysterical crying. He wouldn’t give me hugs, and for many days he wouldn’t even say “Goodnight” to me.

But it’s been slowly getting better, as we return to routine. Last night I got to read him a book, but Mommy had to read him a book afterwards, and then she put him to bed. But tonight, I did it all by myself! Changed into jammies, read the book (Down on The Farm by Merrily Kutner, illustrated by Will Hillenbrand), and put to bed without a single tear or cry for Mommy.

Maybe I’m forgiven.

And tomorrow we stir the pot by trying to go to the drive-in.