OK, on the sleep thing, we didn’t make out so well last night. The boy woke a little bit pretty much every hour, and his level of wakefulness increased each time he woke.

By midnight, he was fully awake again.

Gwen brought him into bed with us tried singing to him. His response was:

Mommy! No singing! Stop it! Enough! “N”-“O”! No more!

Yes, he spelled out “no” to make sure she got the point.

Later, he struck up a conversation that went something like this:

A: Mommy, what sound does a horse make?

G: When a horse is asleep, he sounds like …

A: What sound does an elephant make?

G: When an elephant is asleep, he sounds like…

A: What sound does a rhinoceros make?

G: … (stifling laughter) …

A: What sound does a pirate make?

A: “Arrrrrrrr!!!!!”

Fortunately we got him back into the crib with another bottle (oh, he’s going to be wet this morning) and he seemed to go to sleep after that. I hope we can get him to sleep soundly earlier tonight!