Tonight Aidan was pretty tired after a hard day being a toddler.  Aside: today was also a pretty successful day on the toilet training front.  Fingers crossed.

Anyway, back to tonight.  Going to bed, he wanted a book to be read to him.  However, we’d already been through the pre-bedtime negotiations and we’d settled on watching a Peep.  After Peep, it was off to bed and he managed to grab a book and tried to keep it with him in the bed.  Retrieving the book sent the toddler into hysterics.

After a little bit of intervention, the boy asked for a Kleenex.  But he didn’t want a Kleenex from the box in his bedroom, oh no.  He wanted one from upstairs.  In the face of this clear delaying tactic, the request was denied.  Hysterics continued.  And continued.

Off and on for another 15 minutes.

So, I paused the news (oh how I love our PVR) and went downstairs, Kleenex in hand.  I went in, handed it to him, and he said “That was very nice, thank-you.”  He then put his head on the pillow and said “Good night!”  And I went back upstairs and an hour later … I haven’t heard a word.  He has clearly gone to sleep.

And equally clear is the fact that he was so very upset about having to use a downstairs Kleenex instead of an upstairs Kleenex.

Toddler logic.  Go figure.