Westjet LogoWe’re back! Back in Halifax that is. I’ve managed to swing a deal with work to telecommute for three weeks and I’m taking a week vacation so that all adds up to a month in Nova Scotia.

We got another good deal (relatively speaking) with WestJet about a month ago, and before we knew it we were landing in Halifax for Mother’s Day. This time, it was a jump from YVR to Calgary, a short layover in the terminal there and then direct from Calgary to Halifax.

The boy was quite excited to get on the airplane, and the trip to Calgary was … I dare say … great.

In Calgary, Aidan puttered around the various play areas (which I’ve blogged about before) and the time flew. Then we got on the flight to Halifax and taxied forever. The pilot remarked that although it seemed like we were driving to Halifax, we would in fact be airborne eventually.

Unfortunately, Aidan got airsick on that leg. Not violently, but we did go through more than a few airsickness bags. He also slept for over two hours. He was sick again on the descent into Halifax. I don’t know how many transcontinental flights he’s had and he’s never been sick before, so we didn’t anticipate it. You can be sure that on the return trip we will be pumping him with Gravol well before getting on the plane.

And once again, I have want to give kudos to WestJet. The bags all arrived, the stroller was waiting for us, set-up, by the time we walked off the airplane, the staff was helpful, friendly, and so understanding with the airsickness incident. The flight attendants in particular were super helpful. The seats are comfortable, and we love having the separate entertainment screens.

Why does anyone fly Air Canada?

So, we’re in Halifax. Aidan perked up immediately after we landed. He’s been super excited to spend time (so far) with Grandma, Grandpa, Nana, Aunt Mary, Granny, and of course all of my parents’ animals. And he’s old enough now that we can literally throw him in the backyard and he will entertain himself for hours. >Sigh< He’s never going to have a yard in Vancouver.

With the extended stay, hopefully we can get some relaxed visiting in, do some serious toddler-less geocaching, and help out around the house a bit while my mother recovers from some ongoing health concerns. Posting frequency is likely going to be pretty low, but hopefully we can make up for quantity with quality!