OK, I’m going to try this as a way to keep everyone up to date with how we’re doing out here on the Left Coast. I know it’s hard beind separated by 6000 km, but we’re trying to make it easier on everyone. As such, Gwen & I will try to post something here every day, just a little update as to what’s going on in our lives and Aidan’s as he teaches us how to be parents.

So, in that spirit, we went to another movie last night. Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. Of course, the movie was at the drive-in — the only way we both get to see movies at the same time that aren’t playing on the TV. The drive-in’s some 50+ km outside of Vancouver, in Langley. Well, almost Abbotsford. Closer than the Coldbrook one (is that where it is?) just outside of New Glasgow where Gwen & I used to go when we lived in Halifax (that one was over 150 km).

Good thing we were planning on going there anyway, since it turns out that Tammy’s car’s brakes failed on Friday night (she’s OK, but I think the car’s getting the boot soon) and she wanted a ride from North Van to the clinic in … Langley. So, we were out in Langley a little earlier than expected, but that was ok.

In Langley, we went to the Sears in the Sea of Infinite Malls (really! no roads, just parking lots connected to one another. Many parking lots.) Car seats were on sale, and apparently The Boy weighed in at some 20 lbs, 14 oz on Thursday, bumping up against the upper limit for his infant seat. So, another $200 purchase in Baby Gear. Merry Christmas, kid.

Anyway, the movie was ok (very dark!). I haven’t taken the car seat out of the box yet, but that’s a project for later today. Along with Christmas cookies. And cleaning. And a horse-drawn carriage ride through Stanley Park. And wrapping Gwen’s stocking stuffers. Whew, busy day ahead, and it’s already half gone!

I guess I’d better get to it.

I’ll try to get Gwen to write in here too.

According to the various grandmother MSN names, it seems like 4 days until we’re back in NS.