So, you have seen the book. I was very happy that this morning when Aidan got up from his short nap and he was put in the exersaucer he seemed happy to be there. I turned the tv to the knowledge network to le him watch “Little Bear.” Aidan was happy and quiet and facing the tv and I thought why not let him stay that way for a few minutes? You have seen the pictures so now you know the answer why not. I didn’t realize there was a book on the ledge of the exer-saucer or that he was chomping away at the book. He was really chewing and swallowing. There was no evidence of the paper that he got off the book. And I was worried about the books when he only had 2 teeth. He can do much more damage now.

I guess that the moral of the story is one of two things. Either we don’t let him at the books with out us being wholey present and able to take the book out of harm’s way, or, we just forget about the books and let Aidan love them any way he sees fit. I am sure however it will be a combonation of the two. We will just have to keep an eagle eye on him. What else will he get into tomorrow? I am almost afraid to wonder. On the bright side he is sleeping better and nursing less, so maybe you just have to take everything in stride. I am hoping that I will.