Today Anthony and I decided that we could not stand the pigsty anymore and made the effort to clean up. As you might know, part of the problem with trying to clean, is getting Aidan to play by himself without constant supervision and him being able to see both of us.

So we tried as we always do when we need to clean, or suck up water or whatever, to put him in the exersaucer. He played for almost a half hour by himself without any complaints. Of course we cheated and had “Treehouse”, the kids channel, on the television for him and we have moved the legs of the exersaucer to the top position, so maybe one of those changes helped. Although Anthony had him in the playyard later and ignored him for quite a bit while he (Anthony) played on the computer. So maybe Aidan has really grown up that much in one day, or he has just decided that his toys are more interesting than his parents.