It is always fun for Aidan during bath time but I have found something that makes it easier and more fun for Mommy. How do you make bath time safer and more contained? Why use your laundry basket of course.

I was reading my “blogging baby” and there was another mother talking about he son outgrowing his baby bath tub and what she now uses. (She also has no space for extra stuff.) I was reading this just before I put Aidan in the bath tub and I thought “what a great idea.” It was indeed.

Aidan can reach all his toys, he is not slipping, he has a place to put his hands and a place to brace his feet. What more could a boy ask for. Oh yeah, it also is usable for other tasks and it rinses and dries quickly. What a great idea.

Aidan was having so much fun that both cats came to check him out but Andromeda was the most interested. I guess that she likes the “captive” audience.

What do you think of these pictures? Could one of these be the one for the “beautiful baby” search?