So, today we went to the doctor for Aidan’s next flu shot and his 9 month check-up. He is (as we all know) wonderful and healthy. He has grown 6 cm since his last check up and is now fully in the 25th percentile. He is still about 21lbs (he has lost a few ounces since the middle of December) and is in the 50th percentile for weight. Aidan still has a larger than average head and he is in the 90th percentile. Good thing we all know he is smarter than the average child as well.

This was the first time that Aidan has had a shot and not cried at all. He was much more interested in finding a way to get at Dr. Izen’s stethoscope, or the examining table or the blood-pressure gauge. We really have a healthy, happy and CURIOUS child.