Well, I guess that he finally got what he wanted. Power. At least with a minority parliament he should have at least a few checks and balances with regards to his social conservatism. I just can’t believe that we have him for Prime Minister. Ugh! What is Canada coming to?

As an aside yesterday we were driving home from the grocery store and Hedy Fry was on 12 Ave. campaigning with some signs and umbrellas. As we passed her Aidan started to cry. We had to reassure him that we would be by her very quickly and safely home. I though it was quite funny. Maybe we have a political baby. I know we have one who knows what he wants and he knows how to get it. (Maybe the “Sex Pistols” I listened to while he was in the womb made an impact. LOL) Ah well.

Wish us all sleep. Ciao!