So I am not sure what was up with Mr. Aidan last night but he is sure being a pain in the butt. He woke up at least 4 times last night and not softly at all. Usually we can at least ignore 1 waking sine he doesn’t really wake but makes noises in his sleep. But no, last might is was full on crying. I swear that he spent the whole night feeding again.

So today Aidan has been Mr. Cranky-pants, and lets admit it Mr. Crappy-pants. He is drooling up a storm and has had at least 5 bowel movements today. Not diarrhea (thank you for that miracle), but lots. I guess that I will have to make an amendment to the cranky-pants a bit, Aidan was wonderful while Lynn and Hendrik were visiting. It is 6:30 pm now and he has been fed and is in his PJ’s. I think I will try to put him to bed for all our sakes. Wish me luck.