This has been causing a headache today:

For those who don’t know, this is the rear (alley) of our building. Specifically, this is our garbage bin. Those two windows on top? Those are our bedroom windows, one in Aidan’s room, one in ours.

See how well protected the garbage is? That platform on top was added some time last week. The idea is to keep the person(s) who has been scaling the gate from using the garbage area as a bathroom.

I ask you: now what will he do?

Well, given that he is comfortable scaling the gate, it seems that the Strata has now provided easy access to our bedroom windows, and the small terrace that sits outside them.

When I saw this, to speak mildly, I was pissed.

So, I sent a letter off (by email … who actually writes anything these days?) to our owner, Gerald. Gerald got back to me this morning, and set in motion a typical set of exchanges between owners, Strata councils, and property managers. Although attempts were made to keep things civil, and use facts and simple logic, it seems that threats of litigation were eventually used (by Gerald). In the end, we’re not getting what we want (the removal of the platform), but the Strata is paying for the purchase and installation of security bars in the two bedrooms.

Who wants bars in the windows? Not us, but I’ll feel better with them if they’re keeping that absurd platform in place. I’ve also let it be known that if there are signs of trespassing on the terrace outside of our windows, I will be raising a big stink (choice of words completely intentional) and pushing for the removal of the thoughtlessly placed platform.

On the other hand, did the flash do a good job illuminating the back of the building without any local ambient light? :>)