Today Aidan has proved that nothing and nowhere is safe in the house. He has figured out how to consistently pull himself up anywhere. He started by pulling himself up on the chairs that we have blocking him from the fireplace and the dining room. I thought no problem this makes sense. Then Aidan pulled himself up at the small coffee table that has Tammy’s present on it. He seems to think that anything that is wrapped must be for him, so he decided to start unwrapping it for himself. Luckily I am still faster than he is.

So, you are thinking what next? Well, he then pulled himself up to the larger coffee table and wrecked havoc on a piece of paper. Then I need to change the boy so he got some time in his crib while I got some things ready. He now can pull himself up in his crib again. We now need to check the height on the mattress again (there is one more lower setting.) I thought that he would still be unable to pull himself up in the playpen because he ends up with his face mashed in the mesh. No, wrong again as you can see. This is a later photograph, I think that the space suit was the really helper in the pull up marathon. I think that it gave him confidence. Anyway, here is some photographic evidence for all of you back home.