OK, so we’re back. Most of our luggage isn’t. In fact, of the four things we checked, 3 didn’t make it. What came? The car seat. Of course, they lost that on the trip East.

Maybe I should cut Air Canada some slack, since our flight out of Halifax was delayed almost 4 hours. That meant that we were booked on no fewer than 3 different flights from Toronto to Vancouver. Who would have expected a modern airline to route baggage along such a complicated path?

And the flight from Toronto to Vancouver (on which we had centre-aisle seats instead of our original side aisle two-seats-to-ourselves assignment) was extended almost an hour in the air due to head winds. We arrived home at 8:30pm. Make it 12:30pm 12:30 AM Atlantic time. We got up at 6am to get ready to leave.

I ask you … how cranky do you think the 9-m0nth-old was?

Really? Nope.

Even crankier.

But, we’re home. The luggage is supposed to arrive later today. Someone called at quarter to seven this morning. You’d think we should have been up, but we weren’t. Or, more accurately, we were abed again.

I’ll get Gwen to post stuff about the trip.