Yesterday was a funny day. I thought that at least I could get some laundry done and that maybe when Aidan took his nap that I could rest a bit then get the rest of the house clean. So much for good intentions.

I did get the load of laundry I had already washed into the dryer and got the last load into the washer. Aidan was tired and since he had been up since 6:30 am I thought that maybe I could get him to sleep. Well, I did get him to sleep at 10:45 am and it lasted a whole 15 minutes. I guess that was a good thing as the sound I thought was just the broom falling in the hall was actually the washer hose disconnecting from the drain in the wall and the hall and under-stairs flooding. However it happened near the end and I wasn’t in time to stop the washer. So, with puddles everywhere and nothing to suck the water up Aidan and I needed to make a trip to Home Depot to rent a shop vac. Needless to say the rest of the house didn’t get cleaned.

We have now had to move all the stuff in the hall again and Anthony and I have vacuumed the hall, under the stairs, the cat room, the edge of our room the front hall closet, moved the freezer in the baby’s room and vacuumed there, and we will vacuum one more time before the shop vac goes back at 12:00 pm. Now we need to decide if we rent the industrial dehumidifier for a day and put up with the racket so we can dry out the floor. With the rain we have been having and will continue to have it is unlikely that we can use the fans to dry it out so it looks like that will be our course of action.

It really seem silly that while we do have a drain in the wall, and one directly under the hot water heater, we do not have one in the floor under the washing machine. I am sure that this is not the first time this has happened ( the second for us in the last year) and it would seem that if you can have a drain under the water heater you should be able to have another drain in the floor. Well, I guess that it would be more expensive to do it that way. In my dream house there will be a nice drain for the laundry room and there will be absolutely no carpet near the washer and dryer. It just seems to be asking for trouble.

At least Aidan didn’t cry the whole time I was trying to clean up the mess, but he sure doesn’t like being cooped up in his playpen when there is something else going on. Well who does, I guess?

From the really wet coast, ciao for now.