How early is too early to buy Aidan his own video game system? Not that I am saying we will buy him one soon, it is just he has a fascination with anything with buttons and he particularly likes the video game controller that his father plays with.

We have tried giving him his “own” controller (one of the PS1 controller we still have) but he still prefers the one his dad is using at the time. Anthony has tried to “play” with Aidan’s controller to give Aidan more interest but it doesn’t seem to be working too well. Aidan keeps looking at the paused screen and back at the controller. I think he understands that it is not plugged in and therefore not doing what he wants it to.

Aidan will play with his own controller when the video games are not on, but not when Anthony or I are playing games. It is funny to see Mommy try to dance around Aidan on the DDR mat. It will be interesting to see him when watching us sing and dance together. (I hope they have a freestyle mode for “Karoke revolution” as well.

Anyway, maybe we will be getting Aidan the V-tech “laptop” for his birthday. I know that they are geared toward the 3-4 year olds but if Anthony was reading by 3 I don’t see Aidan being far behind. We will keep you posted.