Aidan and I went to “Baby Bootcamp” this morning on the recommendation of a couple of Moms I have been hanging out with. I met Gen and Julia at Music class and we have been going out for coffee after class. They talked about their fitness classes on Wednesdays and Fridays and I asked about them. They both liked them so I decided to go and check it out.

Me being me, I decided that since there was only two weeks left of the class for this session and since it would be cheaper than dropping in each time I signed up before I changed my mind. That being said I now have three more classes that Aidan and I have to go to. It was really good and if I don’t die from the sore muscles I think I will sign up for the next session. It definitely gets me out and Aidan seemed to have a good time. If I can keep up doing the baby crunches, push ups, bicep curls and squats, and tri-cep curls with Aidan I will be one of the strongest women alive! :) (The walk to and from the community centre with the stroller and the hills helps as well!)

The only problem that I have encountered is that after the nap Aidan and had this afternoon (2 hrs) I am very stiff and sore. I guess I have not used those muscles as much in awhile. But I am getting more limber as the nap wears off so I guess Friday shouldn’t be as bad. Wish me luck!