Well, today Andromeda and Dianthe went to the vet to get their shots so Anthony had the cat treats out. He put some in their cages when we were going home and only Andromeda was calm enough to eat them. So when we got home, I took out the leftover treats and put them on the shelf ion Aidan’s room for Anthony to give to Dianthe. Unfortunately they didn’t get fed to the cat and I didn’t pick them up. Silly me.

Aidan was in his room and even though I knew he wasn’t asleep I wasn’t worried because he was not crying and his crib is safe. Anthony went to look in on him and guess why he was quiet. Yup, you guessed it. Aidan was eating the cat treats. Of course Aidan didn’t get more than one but I think that Anthony was a little miffed with me. It might just be that Anthony is really tired though. (Aidan woke up several time last night after going to bed really well at the beginning of the night.)

On the bright side maybe this is a way we can get more protein into Aidan. They have to be ok, right?