I have started to take Aidan into his room to play for a while each day. We have mostly baby-proofed it and we would like it to be a good place for Aidan to play. He likes it and has had great fun pulling things off the shelves and playing around the freezer and diaper pails.

Today Aidan discovered that with the crib railing up he can crawl under his bed. This he did, and like the ostrich with its head in the sand I don’t think he thought I could see him. With him like this I ran for the camera.

He didn’t seem to notice while I took some pictures of him this way and I didn’t need to turn him around until I heard the dial tone. Aidan had found the phone that we still need to move and pressed the speaker phone button. Anyway when I turned him around and called to him I was able to get some very cute pictures. I swear If I wasn’t his mother I would still think so. :)

Can you see me?