Hmmm, they should have called it the “Ugliest Baby Contest”!

Did you see the faces that even a mother could have trouble loving that appeared on Monday’s Live with Regis and Kelly? (Yeah, yeah, I know I’m a few days late in commenting on this … sorry) OK, there *were* a few cute kids there. But there were definitely quite a number of kids that got hit with the ugly stick. What were they doing? Stacking the deck in favour of the truly cute?

Needless to say, we didn’t see Aidan’s picture on the show. We figured as much … I’m sure the “finalists” were contacted by a PA in advance of the show. Didn’t bother me much, although with a trip to New York I’m sure we could have somehow arranged to see The Producers and/or Spamalot on Broadway. Somehow. I’m not sure where we would have found a baby sitter … but somehow. But I digress.

I hope that the mirror supply is high in the States, ’cause if *that’s* the creme de la creme of the babies, there’s bound to be a lot of broken mirrors!

Oh well. We all know who’s the cutest kid in our hearts.