So, Gwen was hoping that we weren’t going to get whatever Aidan has.

Ah, well, hope only gets you so far.

This is now day 2 of sick leave for me, and Gwen’s been pretty miserable too. Aidan’s cold has moved into his chest, but his fever has disappeared. He’s been pretty good, maybe a bit less energetic, and coughing of course, but doesn’t seem too bad. He slept well last night and had an over three hour nap this morning.

Gwen’s not doing too bad either. It’s in her chest too, and her sinuses are bothering her, but she’s been pushing through.

I’m doing better today. Yesterday was a different story. I don’t handle fevers well, and was pretty much useless yesterday. Between not sleeping the night before, the fever, and all the other symptoms (not the least of which was my voice passing through the deep, sexy stage straight to “gone”) I was pretty miserable. But today’s better, I’ve been able to read and work on the computer a little bit. Plus I actually had some solid food.

In the end, Gwen’s taken Aidan to the clinic now, just to get someone to listen to his lungs. They’re going to tell her that his lungs are congested, but I’m not sure how they (the Dr’s) make the decision on when it’s time to do something about it versus just letting it ride.

Oh look, another sunny weekend predicted. We spent last weekend inside tending to a sick boy. This weekend we’ll spend inside trying to tend to sick us.

Happy St. Paddy’s Day. Have a beer for me, ’cause I’m not having any today!