So, the afternoon check-in with the doctor has meant that he’s still on the Ventolin mask for the next few days. Apparently Dr. Izen isn’t too concerned about his breathing, but given the little bit of wheezing still going on, it will help him out. Other than the wheezing, the rest seems to be just your typical spring cold.

Don’t I wish. This typical spring cold still has me pumping the cold meds and sucking back liquid vitamin C apple juice like it was going out of fashion.

Gwen got a quick check-up at the Dr’s office too, and came away with something to treat her sinus infection, which is compounding the allergies, which is compounding the cold. Oh, and the asthma. Sounds absolutely horrible, but I think she’s doing quite well. Her energy’s up, she hasn’t needed a mask herself, and her eye’s aren’t at all puffy. But, still.

Let’s hope we all clear up in time for the weekend!