Aidan got sick on Saturday and let us know about it on Saturday night. He got up every hour on the hour and was feeling pretty bad. He nursed like crazy since it was about the only thing that kept his nose clear. Sunday was about the same and it was then that we started giving him some pain and fever medication. I decided to give him the infant ibuprophen because if he had any teething pain as well it should be more helpful for both things. I guess that this was “Mommy intuition” because in the middle of that night when he was very feverish and totally miserable I noticed that he had some white points on either side of his bottom teeth. So my baby boy is the proud new owner of two new teeth.

I had been joking earlier that week that Aidan was waking up at 4 because it was time for the trip to Nova Scotia time. It had been three months and that was how long it was between the last two visits. It seems to me that he got multiple teeth on those occasions as well. Our Aidan never does anything the easy way.

Monday Aidan was still sick with a head cold and we now had the fight of wiping the nose. We can’t find the nasal aspirator and we don’t think that it would be anything like easy to get that in Aidan’s nose without hurting him or us. You would think we were trying to kill him just with the kleenex. He went from the not being able to breath through his nose at all, and consequently not eating or drinking very much at all to the chest cold. He could breath a bit through his nose on Monday night and this made it mostly easier for him to sleep. (However the three times he did wake up coughing he went straight to sitting up. Anthony was reaching for him in the dark, the power went out last night too, and couldn’t find him. He was very surprised to find Aidan sitting up leaning against the crib not really awake.) Aidan had a few hours like this before getting up with me nursing like crazy, having medication stuffed in him while mostly asleep and going back into his crib for the rest of the night.

Today wasn’t too bad and he is getting better. Aidan is still got the chest cold, and his voice is lower and rough but he had a real nap this morning. He has been a little on the cranky side but the supper,vapor bath, and bed seem to be working. Now we just need to keep the temp down like it was today and we will be set.

Anthony and I haven’t totally succumbed to the cold yet and we are valiantly hoping that we will be spared but Aidan’s hands and nose have been everywhere. But we can do it — right?