Sorry this has been so long in coming. I know that I promised them at least a week ago and I did try a couple of times but Aidan is just so darn tiring now that I have been napping when he finally goes down. The one day I suppose I really could have blogged was the day last week that Anthony stayed home, but that was because I had a migraine and I was drugged and slept all day. (You know that wouldn’t have happened with only myself and Aidan at home.)

So with out further ado:

This is my music class. Aidan and I have gotten to know some really cool babies and parents.

This is Aidan, Tristan and Genvieve. (Who happens to be a childhood friend of Andreanna’s, as we found out on Wednesday.)

This is Aidan and a shaker. He really likes to shake and drum.

Anthony was at the last class and Aidan really seemed to like having his Daddy there to play and sing with. We need to find a good class for Anthony and Aidan on a weekend. I am sure this would be good for both of them.