What an odd day.

First, we woke up to snow on the ground, and falling from the sky. A few centimetres here in Fairview Slopes, trace amounts in Kits, and 5+ cm up at the University. It cleared up by about 10am, and was bright and sunny (no trace of snow at all) by the afternoon.

Chinese food for supper tonight, and shared with The Boy. Still doesn’t like rice. Seemed to like a few bits of Lemon Chicken, but didn’t have too much of it. Also seemed to like tepid green tea. Go figure. Definitely didn’t like the fortune cookies, though.

On our way back from the restaurant (which we made a quick exit from, since The Boy was on his second mini-tantrum) we stopped in to London Drugs to pick up some magic (sinus) pills. We’re pretty sure we saw Vancouver-based alt-rocker-chick Bif Naked in there. Despite all the “celebrities” that live in Vancouver, we don’t see too many. Gwen saw Kelsey Grammer last year during the CBC Food Bank events, but I think that was the first “celebrity” sighting either of us have had (oh … wait … actually, we were on the same train as Vicki Gabereau when we took the Dinner Train to Squamish — but I don’t think current or former CBC TV/radio employees count as celebs, though).