Yesterday as I was trying to get Aidan to sleep we went for a walk. I decided that since I want to have my hair cut and I have been waitnig for my hairdresser to finally open her new salon we would go by the storefront and see if she was finally open.

Judith’s is now open for business. Aidan and I went into her shop to make an appointment for me and we talked for a few minutes. I was absently playing with Aidan’s bangs and Judith offered to trim them. Since I have been getting comments from you guys at home and the center of the hair seems to land right down the middle of his nose I said “yes, thankyou.”

It only took about 10 seconds and now I have a small piece of Aidan’s hair. It looks good and now there is no hair in his eyes. I will save a big haircut for when he has lots more hair. If Aidan is anything like me, that won’t be until he is 2.