Ok, I get the picture, you guys would like me to blog a little more regularly. I will try a little harder to make that a reality. Though I am not sure if I will be able to do this on the laptop again because whatever is under the “Y” key is making writing a lot harder. So the last post was about my birthday I guess and not too much has happened. Well, John and Kathy were out here, and Anthony and I continue to try to make the wires, books, and everything else toddler proof. Aidan is very good at finding anything that we don’t want him to touch, or might be dangerous for him to touch. So, ok here goes, the last month in review.

The weekend after my birthday Anthony and I tried to make the dining room more childproof and to make it easier for the cats to get away and for Kathy to get into the livingroom without having to climb over chairs. (Yes Kathy I know that it didn’t work, but we did try.) This also coincided with Aidan deciding that the best way to touch all the things he wanted outside when we were stopped in the stroller was to stand up and lean over. Unfortunately our stroller doesn’t have a five point harness system and Aidan has figured out how to wiggle himself out of the three point harness whenever he wants. So I was trying to get Anthony to agree to getting a new stroller and if we were going to do that, we might as well look into a jogging stroller for Aidan and I to go further and faster on our walks. We looked all over the place and except for the one online that I really like we didn’t find one that I wanted enough to bug Anthony enough to get. We were also looking for a wide baby gate to block off the fireplace, give the cats a place to eat in peace, and make room for the bottle recycling where Aidan can’t get at it. Hmm, easier said than done. It was very difficult to fine a pressure gate that was that wide. We finally found one at TJ’s the expensive baby store.

The baby gate up we decided to try Aidan’s freedom out and decided that the chairs still needed to block off the other portion of the livingroom. Aidan has a fascination with wires and books, so we needed to figure out a way to keep the wires from the computer and DVD system out of his reach. However we still hadn’t figured out how to do that and John and Kathy were comming in a couple of days so the chairs went back up until we could figure out how to make the wires safe from the baby who will pull any wire he possibly could.

Next installment: John and Kathy’s Visit