So, for Mother’s Day, we went for a drive. It was a nice day, and a wonderful day for a drive. A nice, relaxing sort of day. Plus, we wanted to see how Aidan handled long-ish drives. We filled up the car and off we went to Harrison Hot Springs (shown below).

We went the “long way”, along the north side of the river. Aidan started getting hungry and cranky around Pitt Meadows so we stopped in at the public park at the base of Golden Ears. After a top-up with a bottle, and some furious swinging on the cool swing set that they had there (high seats, but quite convincing in its good construction) we hit the road again. I don’t know the distance, and we were in heavy traffic until well past Pitt Meadows, but we left Vancouver around 2pm and didn’t get to Harrison Hot Springs until 5ish.

At Harrison, we hit the beach. The beach was full but not crowded. We made our way over to the sand sculpture competition (which was the reason we went to Harrison Hot Springs!) and marvelled at the sculptures. Some of the more interesting ones are below…

After spending a few hours in Harrison, we headed back home. This time we took the TCH. We stopped for a quick bite to eat in Chilliwack and were home by 9pm. After putting the boy to bed (he eventually called it quits around 9:30) we settled in to see Terry lose Survivor :(.

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