Anthony, Aidan and I went out for a walk today to get supper and get out of the house. It had been threatening rain the whole weekend but it didn’t start until we went out the door. I don’t think that Aidan has been under the rain canopy for his stroller since Kathy and John left to go back home.

Aidan likes the rain, and he used to like just watching it from underneath the canaopy. Not anymore. We spent the whole walk back home trying to keep Aidan from poking his head out the side of the canopy to get in the rain. In fact he looked like a dog hanging its head out the window of a car. So much so that he even had his tounge hanging out to catch the rain. We finally gave up and had the canopy only partially covering the stroller.

So, when we got home all of us were wet. Aidan from head to almost toe, and Anthony and I with wet jeans. All we could say was that Aidan is so very much a little boy.

We will see what tomorow brings.