Today was a jam packed day for both Aidan and I (and I am assuming Anthony.) It started out with Aidan sleeping a full night and getting up very cheerfully at 7 with Anthony. Aidan ate a nice big breakfast and we all got ready to go out and take Anthony to work, and to pick up Gen and Tristan to go shopping and swimming.

Aidan was happy on the ride to the university but when I took him out of the seat to move it (we needed the room for Tristan’s car seat) he decided that he didn’t want to go back in and he was making sure that I knew it. That is when I did the only thing I could when the bottle he had didn’t work . . . I gave him my cell phone to play with. Don’t worry I had the key guard on and of course he cant put in the combination to get it to open. When we got to Gen and Tristan’s I had to use the cell to call them and wow that made Aidan mad. I did give him back the phone but I thought that I should turn it off to made it harder for Aidan to use. Hmm, I guess that this wasn’t the best idea because Aidan has a knack for finding the 1 button that can get him into trouble and within seconds he had flipped the phone open and turned it on. I immediately put the key guard back on and took the phone away. This time it was ok because Tristan was there to keep Aidan occupied.

We then went to the Fashion something or other for a children’s sample sale. Unfortunately we found out that the sample sale was a week from today. Oh well, at least we know that we were in the right place. It wasn’t a total loss because we went to the Home Depot that was next door and I got some hinges so I can figure out what I need to do to get doors on the bookshelves.

Then we went to the Vancouver Aquatic center that has a small warm toddler pool. It has lots of toys and is nice and shallow. By this time Aidan was tired and a little apprehensive. He was mostly clinging to me in the water, that to him, was deep. He didn’t splash very much until about 20 minutes later when we went to the very shallow end. He then decide he could splash and crawl. Lol, he was then getting his face in the water and being very relaxed. Next time we will start out there for a while and get Aidan more used to the water and move to the deeper water a little later.

We got back home a little after 12 and Aidan was asleep by 12:15 pm. He then slept until almost 4 pm. He slept that long even though there was work going on and Tammy and Angus were here since 1:30 pm. Tammy and I had a nice visit and when Aidan got up he had a ball with Angus. He was more excited to see the dog than either Tammy or I. He was very gentle with the dog and even shared his cheerios with Angus. He then open his present from Tammy. Three very cute short and top outfits. He will be the best dressed boy in town.

Supper was a treat from Tammy and for Tammy. She was very impressed with his eating skills and the way that he eats his (vegetarian) sushi. Tammy left about six and Aidan gave her one of his very special hugs. He really knows how to get on somebody’s good side.

Aidan some time before bed so he played quietly while I made him a bottle. Since he slept so long and so late I thought I would let him play as long as he wanted. I was very surprised to find him displaying signs of wanting to go to bed about 7. We went downstairs, got him ready for bed, had a bottle and by 7:30 he was in his crib asleep. What a weird day.