Last night as I was taking the stroller out of the trunk and I unfolded it I noticed that something was wrong. The stroller just didn’t seem right and it was very wobbly from side to side. I looked at the wheels and that is when I noticed what had happened. The stabilizer bar at the back of the stroller had sheared off and was now only attached to one side of the stroller. Needless to say I was very dissappointed. That stroller is a lifeline, how can you live with a kid and no stroller?

So we are now in the process of looking for a new stroller. I am borrowing one from a friend while we look. It is is now making the decision, do we want to get another city stroller or do we get a modified jogger? How much do we spend? Do we get a modofied jogger that can be converted to a two child stroller just in case? Oh well, such is life I guess. Wish us luck in the ever seductive world of stroller buying.

Pictures of the broken Stabilizer bar.