OK, he got me.

And I was so secretly happy that it hadn’t happened to me that I had convinced myself that it wasn’t going to happen.

Yes, last night I got barfed on. It hasn’t evened the score (mommy’s been the target a couple of times), but it’s no longer an exclusive club. I was just about to put the over-tired boy into bed after having fed him 10 oz of formula (which was preceded by supper and a bath) when he erupted. Ewww.

No, really. Ewww.

I don’t think he’s sick … rather I think was a combination of being overtired and the incredible volume of bath water that he consumed a half-hour earlier. I’m not sure how to keep him from drinking the bath water, but I think that we’ll keep the plastic cups out of the bath for the next little while.

On a complete different matter, posting here will be sporadic again, since Grandma Lorraine is with us now, and for the next three weeks. As such, blogging has been pushed down Gwen’s priority list a little bit.

And speaking of Grandma, she bought The Boy a cell phone yesterday. A cute, plastic faux-phone, but still. It has a full key pad, and speaks numbers and “hello” in English, français, and espanol. You can also record little voice clips and play them back.

Aidan, being the uber techno-geek that he is (he fits in, right?) loves this thing.

I’m just a little sad at seeing my little boy walking cruising around with a phone glued to his ear. He’s generous with it — he loves to give it to you and actually holds it to your ear while you talk into it — but, still.