Today on a whim (well not quite, I did want to go the year before last and remembered today when I heard it on the radio) Aidan and Nana and I went downtown to the National Aboriginal Day celebrations at the Art Gallery. Funnily enough the Federal government website didn’t have the downtown celebrations listed, but they seem to be the biggest out here and according to the local website the largest in the country. Oh well, I did figure out where and when the celebrations were being held and how we were going to get Aidan my Mom and the stroller downtown without having to fold the stroller on the bus or walk the whole way or take the car. The 98 is an express bus and it has spaces for wheelchairs and strollers. (The ride there was ok, but there was an old bat who made things much more difficult than they needed to be.)

When we got to the Art Gallery it wasn’t quite set up yet and we got to see some people put up a tee-pee (sp?) and we also had a chance to be some of the first people to have a look at some of the art and jewelry that was being sold there. I wish I had some extra money because they were selling some beautiful masks for a fraction of the cost for one in a gallery only a 10 minute walk away. Sigh.

Aidan had at least 10 people stop and admire him and he was almost accosted by some Asian esl students who thought he was way too cute for words. He also played peek-a-boo with a couple of Asian boys who decided that they needed to sit next to us to get a better look at Aidan and ask some questions.

Anyway, Aidan and Mom and I had a good time and Aidan loved the music and the dancing. The master of ceremonies was Chief Ian Campbell, and he was an excellent speaker. We are thinking about going down tomorrow (the celebrations are going on till the end of the weekend) in the afternoon after Aidan’s nap. I hope that I will have some more pictures of Him and Mom and the large trees they have for benches.

If anyone wants a really cool mask or drum, give me a call with your visa number and I can send them home with Mom. Anyway, ciao for now.