Our boy was well rested for music class today. Aidan woke up at 4:00 am and I was able to get him back to sleep about 4:30 am. He then slept ’till 9:00. (It was a bit of a hurry to get him dressed and fed and down to music, but we made it.) As a result Aidan was happy and well rested and a little less frantic than usual in class.

There were only 6 babies there today with Aidan and Tristan being the oldest. Aidan was very interested in the other babies and went to see each of them in turn. He was so gentle and let the other babies touch him. The look on his face was sooo sweet and gentle. I guess that letting him touch other babies and making sure each time to demonstrate what is “gentle” has worked. Even the moms with the three month olds were not at all worried about Aidan being near their babies. In fact he was so gentle and patient that all the babies smiled and tried to touch him.

I am constantly amazed at our boy and I am so proud to be him mom. (I just wish I had my camera there to capture his gentleness.)