This past Saturday, Gwen got her hair cut. Not her first one since having Aidan, but the first significant cut.

Her hair was getting pretty long, but it was getting in her face, and she was to the point where she was getting annoyed by it. Tammy had given her a gift certificate to a nice salon, so down we all walked down to “Rain” down by Granville Island. Aidan and I continued on to do various chores while Gwen went through what I can only imagine was a very “West Coast” experience.

One thing that she wanted to avoid was Mom Hair, the short hair style that well … read the article.

As you can see from the photos below, it’s shorter than it was, but isn’t the classic “Mom Hair” either. When she came home from the salon, it was incredibly curly. Apparently your hair goes through changes during and after pregnancy. Making straight hair curly seems to be one of those changes. The curls have calmed down somewhat, but it’s certainly not the straight fine hair that she used to have a few years ago.

The boy had a few double-takes on seeing Mama’s new ‘do, but didn’t cry, and seems to be pretty used to it now.

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