Our desktop computer died last night. Turned it off to reboot it as a MythTV front-end and it just didn’t come back. Won’t POST, doesn’t give any indication of what’s wrong. All lights on the HD, DVD, and on our RF sensor for the keyboard and mouse stay stuck on. It’s getting power, but nothing’s happening. Lovely. It did this once before, just before we left on vacation, and it just magically came back to life. This time it hasn’t.

Gwen is trundling down to NCIX with the boys to pick up a new mobo, CPU, and some compatible RAM. Of course the old box is over 3 years old, and we can’t re-use any of the current mobo (NForce2, maybe the problem?), CPU (socket A, maybe the problem?), RAM (PC2700, maybe the problem?). I’ve got a borrowed TI4200 AGP graphics card in it — the integrated video on the new ASUS A8N should be equivalent or better. I hope. It’s not really a big deal, the only thing it will affect is Civ IV, which I only get to play once every few months.

Hopefully re-installing the motherboard won’t completely bork the WinXP install. Hopefully the problem isn’t the power supply.
Updates to come.