For some time, I’ve harped on about West Coast service.  West Coast service is typically quite laid back.  Slow is not an inaccurate description.

Over the past few days of Christmas shopping, I’ve had a number of … well, surprisingly helpful “customer service” people help me.  Typically when approached by salespeople in retail, I brush them off.  I absolutely hate being harassed or pressured.  But over the past few days, when asked the “can I help you?”, I’ve looked them straight in the eye and said “yes”.  Of course, it helps that I’ve had some particular things in mind.  Anyway, I’ve had to re-evaluate my opinions a little bit.  Of course both my sister and a good friend, M., work retail so I know they’re not all bad.  But still, the concept of helpful CSRs is a little bit hard to digest.

So, slow but helpful.  Hmmm, my world is tilting.

The Christmas traffic sucks though.  Some things never change.