Ooops. I forgot to blog about last weekend.

Last Saturday was a gorgeous day, sunny and warm. No Wii nunchucks in Toys’R’Us (60 Wiis for sale, 18 extra controllers, and everything all sold out before the store opened!) nor at Futureshop. But, it was such a nice day and we wandered down to Granville Island. After going through the market and picking up some brunch for Gwen and the boy at Terra Breads, we went onto the patio. Aidan had great fun chasing the pigeons and seagulls. Too bad we didn’t get any pictures of him actually chasing the birds, but we did snap a few.



After chasing the birds for a while, we went over and played in the play area by the rec centre. Water parks look lonely in the “winter”.




After playing there, we strolled along the seawall and played a bit more in the playground by False Creek Elementary, then headed home. Four or five hours unscheduled strolling around the ‘hood. Ahhh, winter in Vancouver!