As most of the readers of this blog know, we try to get the grandparents on the web-cam at least once a week. Aidan has started to really interact with the camera or “cama” and with the people on the laptop. He knows who his Grandpa J. and Grandma K. are, and his Nana L., and is getting to know his Grand-Nana too (Anthony wants to know if you would mind being “Granny” mom). We also show Aidan lots of pictures on the computer (he loves this) almost everyday so that he knows all the faces of those who love him but are far away. Now we know he really likes this because last night when I was out at Guides, Aidan climbed up on Anthony’s lap, pointed at the computer and said “Grandpa”. (Now before anyone gets jealous, I think the Grandpa is the all encompassing word for the web-camming with the grandparents.) There wasn’t anyone online so Anthony showed Aidan a bunch of pictures and he was happy. Now we just need to get the great-grandparents, and Dad on a faster internet so we can see them and interact with them too. I know that it doesn’t make up for us being so far away, but it does help. He would like to see his Aunts and Uncles too. Hint, Hint. :)


Don’t you want to web-cam with me?