I have been excited for a few weeks, lets face it almost a month about taking Aidan down to the Ocean Concrete Open House on Granville Island. Aidan loves trucks of all kinds and I thought that the chance to actually get into one of the cement mixer and seeing some of the other big equipment would be one of the most exciting things a Mommy and her truck loving son could do. (Well, maybe a Dad might have fun too.) So to remember the date and time I took the pictures below. (I actually checked the picture last night to make sure that I had the time correct.)


Ocean Concrete, Granville Island Vancouver


Cement Mixers


Factory and Trucks at Ocean Cement

We headed out at about ten this morning with Anthony pushing the stroller and Aidan and I walking for a bit to get rid of the nervous energy he had. As we turned down Spruce Str., the chanting of “Walking, buses and trucks!” turned into “Walk, the park, the park wow the park!” Aidan recognized the way we go to go to the playground at False Creek Elementary school. Anthony and I figured that Aidan might want to go to the park. :)


Aidan and Mommy Under the Trees

As we strolled into Ocean Concrete we saw huge trucks, a big front end loader and tons of kids. Aidan got his balloon (bah-oon) and we took him out of the stroller. I am starting to think that Aidan may not like crowds too much or maybe when he gets too excited and over-stimulated. I don’t know, but whatever it is Aidan was trembling and shaking and while he seemed to want to be there, he didn’t really want to be walking — just holding Mommy or Daddy’s hand and he was clingy and wanted to be in Mommy or Daddy’s arms. Of course there were a lot of people and it was very loud (lots of different horns and back-up beeps as children pushed all the buttons they could in the trucks.) We tried to line up to get in one of the cement trucks. Well, we made it into the line and here is the result.


Daddy! Daddy! :{

So, as you may have guessed we did not get up into the cement truck. Damn I was so looking forward to being in a really big truck! We let Aidan set the pace and we went into a small bobcat with a shovel on the front. He was happy and wanted to be in there when there were other children in the cab, but wasn’t as thrilled when he was in there by himself. Mommy had to join him. It was fun and we have the pictures to prove it. That’s my story and I am sticking to it. He did love being around the trucks but he was a little intimidated at being so close to something so big and loud.


Aidan and Mommy in a Bobcat

We would have taken more pictures but sadly after Anthony took the picture below, he pressed the button to turn it off, the damn thing up and died. We would have felt better about it if we had dropped it. Instead it decided to skip while retracting the lens and got stuck. Shit, it was less than a year old and I loved that camera. Sorry for swearing but nothing else fits what I am feeling except a worse swear word. At least the pictures we did take today turned out.


Aidan and Mommy just before Mommy’s $#@%ing Camera Died

The highlight of the open house for Aidan was the sand pit with about 100 little kids, and a whole bunch of Tonka trucks. It was after the camera died so we do not have any pictures of all the toddlers playing separately together.

I loved the idea and next year I think we will pop a couple of ear plugs in Aidan’s ears and Mommy will get into all the trucks she can.