Here in no-fun-couver, one of the fun things to do is the four-night Festival of Fire (or whatever they’re calling it this year. Festival of Light, Symphony of Fire, the name seems to keep changing). Tonight was the first night this year. Of course this year it’s a bit more interesting because of the civic strike — there’s no garbage collection, and when you’ve got 500,000 people on the various beaches, they leave a lot of garbage behind. We’ll see in the news tomorrow if the other three nights are going to happen.

At any rate, the boy was asking to go to bed at 6pm tonight so there was no way we were going to get to go. We went last year one night (with Gwynedd and Andrew) but our traditional way of watching them is from the comforts of our dining room. Here are some shots from Spain’s efforts (they started with the Star Wars “Main Theme”, and ended with the Star Wars “Duel of the Fates” theme):




Ah, we love living in Fairview Slopes.