NS FlagOK. In the face of mounting pressure, we’ve decided to head to NS this summer. We hope to visit lots of people including my ailing cousin Pat, meet up with Gwynedd, Andrew, Galen, and their newborn Tallis, of course see my parents and the rest of the family. And do some geocaching. The timing’s tight, so we can’t get any coins made up, but I’ve got some ideas and a design already set.

So, we’ll be in Halifax on the 31st of July.

I leave on the 14th of August, and Gwen and Aidan will be leaving on the 22nd. Hopefully Gwen survives the transcontinental trip with Aidan without too many emotional or physical scars.

Gwen put the flights together today and happened on a seat sale that saved us well over $1300! Good job dear!

If you want to meet up with us, drop me a line before we head; I think timing’s going to be tight for the whole trip.