broadwayexplosion2.JPGApparently a Starbucks nearby (4 blocks away) was blown up last night, around 2:30am. As of right now, it seems that someone blew it up, and the Starbucks, and 4 other businesses have been complete destroyed. The medical offices that occupy the higher floors of the building seem to have lost windows, and I bet they have at the very least smoke damage. London Drugs and other businesses facing the explosion have lost windows, and even the Holiday Inn half a block west has lost some windows. The pictures on the TV news are pretty impressive, but I can find too much on the web yet.

As it is, we didn’t hear a thing, and are sufficiently away from the centre of action that the only thing that affects us is that Broadway is closed down for a few blocks and that busses are going to be rerouted until noon. Actually, since Gwen doesn’t need to go down that way, and since I commute by bike, the biggest effect is the swarm of news helicopters circling overhead.

(Image taken from the News1130 site, uncredited there, uncredited here.)

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