cats_together.jpgI don’t know what’s going on with the cats. They’ve been super clingy lately, and last night was absolutely painful. Andromeda usually doesn’t sleep with us at night, but Dianthe usually does. Or, more specifically, she usually curls in as tight as possible in the crook of one of my arms.

Last night, starting around 3:30am and lasting for about an hour, Andromeda walked over us, head-butted me, and generally demanded attention. Dianthe wasn’t with me at the time, but she joined in the fun too. It got to the point that I got up and check out the whole house to see if there was something wrong. There wasn’t that I could see. They had food, water, the box is clean-ish, nothing was burning, the boy was sleeping soundly, nothing was apparently wrong.

And just as weird, just as we were going to bed, Dianthe tossed the cat food she’d just eaten all over the entry hall. Then, after cleaning that up, I went upstairs to discover her relieving herself (#2) on some bags that were in the dining room. WTF? She’s never done that. I cleaned *that* up pretty quickly, and she went and hid in shame under the piano.

I hope that this isn’t a sign that The Big One is coming soon.