Dear blog,

I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to abandon you. Really, I want to write about all the things we did while we were in Nova Scotia. Visiting family (mostly) and friends (briefly). Driving down dirt roads somewhere between Truro and Amherst…. more or less intentionally. Geocaching in PEI. Watching Aidan fall four feet off a trampoline. Flying back to Vancouver, with Aidan getting airsick again.

And then we’ve been back for a little over a week. Partying it up with the Girl Guides and parents on Saturday, riding the miniature train in Stanley Park followed by partying it up with the hippies on Main Street for the Car Free Festival on Sunday.

Plus, driving like crazy through Paradise City and trying to escape the crime of Liberty City.

Oh my.

Well, I still hope to cover all those things. We have pictures!

But for now, I’ll leave you with this… We were taking some pictures of Gwen for a project that she’s working on and this was the runner-up photo to the one she chose.