Tonight was the opening night of the annual Vancouver fireworks festival.  This year it’s called the HSBC Celebration of Light, but in years past it was called other things as other sponsors mangled it.  I think my favourite was the Celebration of Fire.  But I digress.

Tonight’s competitor is Canada, and they’ve done a completely thematic “War of the Worlds” “Godzilla Attacks Vancouver” (?) sort of thing instead of the usual medley of songs.

It’s been utterly spectacular, even from our dining room.  Gwen and Kayla are down at Vanier Park, and I’m watching from home.

The timing to the music has been extraordinary, there have been some fireworks I’ve never seen before, and there have been some *very* large bursts too.  The trees in Choklit Park obscure the view a little bit, but I was surprised at how much was still visible.  Sadly as each year passes, we see less and less.  Maybe the Park Board can do something about that.

The competition continues on Saturday with the US’ entry followed by China next Wednesday and the finale on the Saturday after that.