I know, the blog hasn’t had a lot of activity lately. I’ve been spending some of the past weekend climbing Mt. Strachan again (and again) in order to set up a multi-cache. It still hasn’t been completed yet.

Anyway, that chewed up a few weekends. And, you know? Things get in the way.

This weekend past was pretty busy too. On Saturday, Aidan and I biked around the city — first to “PCC”, the Preschool Curiosity Club at Science World and later to Canadian Tire to pick up some screws in order to put up more shelving in our bedroom. Yeah I know, exciting right? But Aidan sure likes being on the back of the bike.

The PCC was ok, an hour in Science World where we decorated some bags in a fall theme, learned a bit about what happens in fall, carved some pumpkins, and planted some pumpkin seeds. Aidan rather liked carving the pumpkin … we had pumpkin carving knives that were essentially kid-safe, and he did a lot of the carving himself.

Today, we headed out to Word on The Street in downtown Vancouver. We go every year (as long as it’s not pouring) and this year was no different. At least, it was no different in us going. At the risk of sounding overly harsh, the actual event was very different. There were many fewer exhibitors this year, and the crowds were much smaller. I don’t know what it was, but it sure didn’t live up to years gone by.

At least Aidan got a couple more trips on his favourite mode of transportation.

Later this afternoon, we headed up to Queen Elizabeth Park to take some pictures. Aidan wasn’t very cooperative, but we got some shots.